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The Psychedologist is consciousness positive radio. This show engages with topics of psychology, non-ordinary states of consciousness, culture, sexuality, sustainability, wellness, and community. Sometimes all at once... and, sometimes with special guests!

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Feb 24, 2019

Danielle Negrin of the San Francisco Psychedelic Society comes on the show to talk about the SFPS and its current events, including the Psychedelics and Recovery support group.

Danielle Negrin is one of San Francisco Psychedelic Society’s community organizers and social media manager specializing in addiction recovery and personal journey work. In this episode we explore the new happenings of SFPS, her profound transformation overcoming dependency to substances and personal experience getting off of psychiatric drugs. By discovering a unique path utilizing psychedelic medicine and microdosing to heal herself, Danielle overcame a 12 year addiction and has dedicated her life to helping others with compassion and first-hand experience. Danielle facilitates psychedelic therapeutic use peer support groups and started a Psychedelic Recovery meeting network in the Bay Area for those using entheogens to aid and accelerate mental health, trauma recovery, personal development and freedom from problematic substance abuse behaviors.

FB: Danielle Negrin, Psychedelic Recovery
Insta: @entheogenicrecovery
Insta: @connectwithd
Insta: @psychedelicsocietysf