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The Psychedologist is consciousness positive radio. This show engages with topics of psychology, non-ordinary states of consciousness, culture, sexuality, sustainability, wellness, and community. Sometimes all at once... and, sometimes with special guests!

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Nov 17, 2018

"What does it mean to be alive during these times?"

In this rich and sincere episode, fēnix grace comes on the show to discuss gender, sex, and consent; ancestral healing and connection work; dismantling binaries; colonization and right relationship to the land; fēnix's relationship to their whiteness; traumas of the oppressor; fragility, intersectionality and building resilience from a body-centered perspective.

*Please Note*
-Ableism and speciesm are not named explicitly in this podcast, and fēnix wants to note that they are important threads that make up the microcosm of the systems of oppression we live and breathe in every day.

- At around 34:00, fēnix mentions Bayo’s quote and says "we can be didactic and not enforce a binary”- what they meant was we can be dyadic* and not enforce a binary :)

fēnix (they/them) is the moment before sunrise, as the dew settles itself to being touched by the breaking open of a soft dawn. A student of somatic and ritual technologies, they are a deep feeler, a world-bridger, and a warrior healer. Recently graduated from Naropa University with degrees in Somatic Psychology, Peace Studies, and Gender Studies, they are passionate about storytelling, embodiment practices, and eco-social restoration. fēnix is a queer, white, non-binary, economically privileged, tender-hearted human whose ancestors are slavic, welsh, irish, and english. They are a member and budding organizer with Resource Generation, which is an organization that mobilizes young people with class privilege and/or access to wealth to redistribute land, resources, and power. They are a writer and facilitator and have mostly worked at the intersections of rites of passage, nature connection, and eco-social justice

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