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The Psychedologist is consciousness positive radio. This show engages with topics of psychology, non-ordinary states of consciousness, culture, sexuality, sustainability, wellness, and community. Sometimes all at once... and, sometimes with special guests!

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Aug 30, 2018

How can one begin to convey the messages from visions and experiences in states of altered consciousness? Is there a way that these revelations can live on in my daily life? Yes! It's called Integration. In this episode we hear from three folx in the community on the topic of post-journey work. Sheree Malcolm Godasi, the Psychedelic Integration coach and founder of PsychedeLiA; Kyle Buller, of Psychedelics Today and Rising Sun Wellness; and Jessica Petrone, LPC. What is integration? When does integration happen, and what does it look like? How can I integrate my psychedelic experiences?

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