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The Psychedologist is consciousness positive radio. This show engages with topics of psychology, non-ordinary states of consciousness, culture, sexuality, sustainability, wellness, and community. Sometimes all at once... and, sometimes with special guests!

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Jun 16, 2018

Trigger warning: this episode briefly mentions suicide.

In this episode we talk about:

Permaculture, the state of the psychedelic movement as we see it (is it right to call it a “psychedelic movement” anymore when there are so many factions, so much disagreement?), diversity is intelligence, ableism and counter-indications of psychedelics and the gray areas of psychedelic use for people with mental conditions such as ‘schizophrenia,’ bipolar disorder, etc., cultural and religious tolerance, archetypes of human and societal experiences, patriarchy, Joe being a left leaning anarchist, suicide and my radical idea about cognitive liberty and our right to kill ourselves, ritual, Joe being in secret magical mystery societies, ethics in psychedelic facilitation, Michael Pollan’s new book How to Change Your Mind, feminism, and the role that we all have to play in this “movement” (OK, I’m still calling it a movement)

Joe studied philosophy in New Hampshire, where he earned his B.A..  After stumbling upon the work of Stanislav Grof during his undergraduate years, Joe began participating in Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Vermont in 2003. Joe helped facilitate Holotropic and Transpersonal Breathwork workshops while he spent his time in New England. He is now working in the software industry as well as hosting a few podcasts.  Joe now coordinates Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork workshops, in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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