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The Psychedologist is consciousness positive radio. This show engages with topics of psychology, non-ordinary states of consciousness, culture, sexuality, sustainability, wellness, and community. Sometimes all at once... and, sometimes with special guests!

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May 5, 2018

For AJ Wildey, what started as a two-month adventure working on a cacao farm in the central Amazon of Peru quickly became a quest to share Peruvian chocolate—and the stories of the people dedicated to making it—with the world.

AJ has been traveling to cacao farms throughout Peru since 2013 to bring together cacao producers and chocolate makers. These experiences became the foundation for El Cacaotal, a shop that offers a permanent collection of the finest Peruvian craft chocolate from all over the country.

By design, it introduces visitors not only to the variety of Peruvian cacao and chocolate, but also to its history, origins, and producers. This focus on the identity of chocolate is at the core of AJ’s quest and underscores one defining conviction that guides her journey: chocolate is made to be shared.